Batch Unwinding Device
Fabric Inspection Machine
Double Folding & Rolling Machine
Fabric Insp. Unwinding-Winding
Double Folding & Plating Machine
Fabric Rolling Machine
Sample Cutting Machine
Palletizing Machine
Single Folding Machine
Widerwidth Folding Machine
Wider-width Double Folding Machine
Cloth Inspection Machine
Cloth Inspection Machine
Fabric Inspection Machine Batching
Sample Cutting Machine
· Speed : 0 to 30meters/minute.
· Speed variation by A. C. Inverter.
· Reverse - Stop - Forward Arrangement through A. C. Inverter.
· 3” Dia Guide Rollers
· Revolution type Meter Counter.
· Transperant and Inclined Inspection Table with Top and Bottom illumination.
· Strong built closed side Frames to withstand width and weight of the fabric
Cloth Inspection & Winding Unit are completely wired electrically,
only main supply is to be provided.
· High built plating down motion to work from fold to fold