Batch Unwinding Device
Fabric Inspection Machine
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Fabric Insp. Unwinding-Winding
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Fabric Rolling Machine
Sample Cutting Machine
Palletizing Machine
Single Folding Machine
Widerwidth Folding Machine
Wider-width Double Folding Machine
Cloth Inspection Machine
Cloth Inspection Machine
Fabric Inspection Machine Batching
Sample Cutting Machine
· Working table descends up to 15” (380 mm).
· Length of folds adjustable up to 1.00 meter.
· Cast Iron sidewalls are closed to make machine robust and sturdy.
· Folding blades are mounted on the carriage of special steel roller chains.
· A simple device for quick and exact adjustment of folding blade.
· Operating speed : 50 meters/minute.
· Driving on motor 2HP x 960RPM.
· Stroke type length Counter with manual setting or Digital counter.